• November 3, 2015 Final Official Election Results

    Statement of Votes

    Statement of Votes

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  • Final Qualified Write-In Candidate Results *Update 11/09








    Election Updates

    2015-11-18: Precinct list of Election Officers and Polling Places

    2015-11-09: Registrar's office certifies results of Nov. 3 election

    2015-11-02: Voters encouraged to cast a ballot in election

    2015-10-31: Public Notice one hundred percent manual tally

    2015-10-31: Public Notice one percent manual tally

    2015-10-30: Registrar urges Riverside County voters to drop off vote-by-mail ballots by Monday

    2015-10-29: Early voting available Saturday at Registrar of Voters' office

    2015-10-27: Precinct List of Election Officers

    2015-10-24: Early voting available at registrar's office and Palm Springs Public Library

    2015-10-24: Vote-by-Mail Ballot processing

    2015-10-21: Certified List of Write-In Candidates

    2015-10-19: Collection Center Locations

    2015-10-16: Monday is deadline to register to vote in Nov. 3 consolidated general election

    2015-10-15: Precinct List of Polling Places

    2015-10-09: Early Voting Information

    2015-10-05: Vote-by-mail ballots for Nov. 3 election on the way to voters starting Monday

    2015-09-28: Logic and Accuracy Voting System Testing Certification of Results

    2015-09-28: Logic and Accuracy Voting System Testing for November 3, 2015 Consolidated UDEL Election

    2015-09-28: Election Observer Panel Orientation for the November 3, 2015 Consolidated General Election

    2015-09-24: Sample ballots and information pamphlets on the way for Nov. 3 election

    2015-09-04: Certified Candidate List

    2015-08-13: Random Alphabet

    2015-08-11:Important Dates - November 3, 2015 UDEL Election | Spanish

    2015-08-08: Nomination period filing extension

    2015-08-06:Candidate filing deadline approaching for Nov. 3 Consolidated Election

    2015-07-31: Candidate Statement Cost

    2015-07-14: Candidate filing opens today for Nov. 3 general election

    2015-07-08: Candidate Handbook

    2015-04-08 November 3, 2015 UDEL Election Calendar