June 5, 2012 Presidential Primary Election

Check the Status of your Provisional Ballot


2012-07-02: Post Election Precinct Posting after Election

2012-06-25: Registrar's office certifies results on June 5 election

2012-06-04: Voters encouraged to cast ballot in election

2012-06-01: 100% Tally Notice

2012-06-01: One Percent Tally Notice

2012-05-29: Ballots dropped off, *NOT* mailed.

2012-05-25: Bilingual Pollworkers Needed for June 5th Primary Election.

2012-05-25: List of Certified Write-In candidates for June 5th Election.

2012-05-21: Vote by Mail Ballot Processing

2012-05-21: Election Night Collection Center Locations

2012-05-18: Early Voting is Back!

2012-05-18: Monday is deadline to register to vote in June 5 primary election

2012-05-17: List of Precinct Polling Places

2012-05-14: Early voting geared toward students available at UCR

2012-05-07: Public Logic and Accuracy Testing Certification

2012-05-02: Vote-by-mail ballots for June 5 election on the way starting Monday

2012-05-02: Early Voting at UCR

2012-05-01: *Amended* Public Logic and Accuracy Notice

2012-4-30: Election Observer Panel Orientation

2012-4-26: Sample ballots and information pamphlets on the way for June 5 election

2012-4-26: State Voter Information Guide [English] | [Spanish]

2012-4-16: Easy Voter Guide [English] / [Spanish]

2012-4-03: Final List of Candidate Filings

2012-3-15: County Random Draw

2012-3-15: SOS Random Draw

2012-3-10: Nomination Period Filing Extension

2012-3-07: Candidate Filing Closes for June Primary

2012-2-15: Candidate Handbook

2012-2-10: Candidate Filing Opens

2012-1-06: June 5, 2012 Primary Election Calendar