List of Contests
Registration & Turnout
Non Partisan Registration & Turnout
Democratic Registration & Turnout
Republican Registration & Turnout
Libertarian Registration & Turnout
Democratic Decline to State Registration & Turnout
Republican Decline to State Registration & Turnout
DEM - US Representative 41st District
DEM - US Representative 44th District
DEM - US Representative 45th District
DEM - US Representative 49th District
DEM - State Senator 31st District
DEM - State Senator 37th District
DEM - State Assembly 63rd District
DEM - State Assembly 64th District
DEM - State Assembly 65th District
DEM - State Assembly 66th District
DEM - State Assembly 71st District
DEM - State Assembly 80th District
DEM - Co Central Comm 64th District
DEM - Co Central Comm 65th District
DEM - Co Central Comm 80th District
REP - US Representative 41st District
REP - US Representative 44th District
REP - US Representative 45th District
REP - US Representative 49th District
REP - State Senator 31st District
REP - State Senator 37th District
REP - State Assembly 63rd District
REP - State Assembly 64th District
REP - State Assembly 65th District
REP - State Assembly 66th District
REP - State Assembly 71st District
REP - State Assembly 80th District
REP - Co Central Comm 64th District
REP - Co Central Comm 66th District
LIB - US Representative 49th District
LIB - State Senator 37th District
LIB - State Assembly 64th District
LIB - State Assembly 65th District
LIB - State Assembly 66th District
Superior Court Office No. 6
Superior Court Office No. 18
Riverside Board of Education TA 3
County Supervisor 1st Supervisorial
County Supervisor 3rd Supervisorial
Measure F-Proposed Incorporation of Menifee Valley
Measure G-Future Menifee Valley Elections
Measure H-Name of Proposed City
Member, City Council Menifee Valley
98-Eminent Domain. Limits on Government Authority
99-Eminent Domain. Limits on Government Acquistion
Measure I-Palo Verde Cemetery District
Measure J-Val Verde Unified School District